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     Historic Shubie Park has been well used for centuries.  Dating back to its roots as a transportation hub for the native Mi’kmaq, the area’s natural waterway connections to the rest of the province have always made it a main attraction.  The British tried to capitalize on this by constructing one of the most expensive inland waterway transportation systems of its time.  The history is well documented throughout the park and at the visitor center.  Reading the interpretive panels make for an interesting backstory to its scenic pathways.  Today it serves as one of the most well-loved parks in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

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360° Photo: Lake Micmac

  • It was like glass on the canal this morning shubiepark
  • She looks tranquil here Then she found a log and
  • Shubie Park sky being all dramatic this morning
  • Spent the day with this dude! Pretty nice way to

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